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What Sets DDI Apart

Clients have a multitude of choices when it comes to retaining trial consultants, so why retain DDI? According to feedback received from our clients, the answer to this question is DDI's creativity, comprehensiveness, efficiency, and independence.

Every DDI trial consultant holds an advanced degree; i.e., clinical psychology, quantitative psychology, social psychology, and/or legal psychology. This advanced training is critical to understanding the juror decision making process and promoting creative approaches to strategic and thematic recommendations. Thus, rather than viewing cases from the vantage point of a lawyer, business person, or expert witness, we apply our advanced training in psychology, litigation experience, and the relevant social science literature to anticipate, understand and evaluate how jurors will view your case. Our training and experience has taught us that there are patterns in the ways jurors retain and process information. Understanding these patterns, and testing how these patterns interact with the facts and law, allows DDI to recommend more persuasive and credible approaches to presenting your case. For example, we know from both the literature and years of experience that during a trial, jurors tend to build stories to make sense of all the case facts they hear. Jurors' experiences and attitudes shape these stories. Additionally, jurors tend to better retain and place greater weight on evidence when it is linked with key anchor points that relate to the stories they develop. Understanding this process, DDI has been at the forefront in developing juror-friendly trial themes that tell the succinct story of the case.

DDI does its homework and learns as much about the evidence and issues as possible. When DDI is retained, we perform extensive document reviews and talk with counsel to understand the facts of the case. This knowledge allows us to design thorough research questionnaires and detailed probes for jury debriefing sessions. Moreover, our recommendations are pointed and usable because we will not promote an approach that the facts do not support.

DDI professional and support staff are highly trained and experienced. When the trial timeline demands it, DDI is prepared to quickly learn the case, conduct our research and analysis, and produce a high quality comprehensive report. Each project is staffed with an experienced and highly trained consultant that sees the work through from beginning to end. Additionally, DDI sends only the number of professionals necessary to run a project, so our clients do not pay for extra people sitting around. The size of cases that DDI handles ranges from high profile, high stakes litigation to small cases with modest damage claims. No matter how large or small, DDI aims to keep costs under control and to deliver a high quality product in a timely manner.

DDI is independently owned and operated. This allows DDI to offer highly personalized service to our clients and offer the most cost-efficient approach to our work. DDI's professionals give clients honest and unbiased assessments of their cases. Additionally, it permits DDI to take a wide range of cases, from smaller cases requiring only a few hours of work, to bet-your-company cases involving multiple years of work. DDI has a very loyal client base, so we have no need to advertise our cases. This promotes strict confidentiality.

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